When Black Friday Became Just A Friday…

Shops across Greater Manchester braced themselves for chaos on Black Friday after people fought over fridges and tussled over TVs last year.

Although there were fewer black eyes due to Black Friday in our region this year, as bargain hunters seemed to have taken it easy.

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Coronation Street

My news report on the launch of the Coronation Street Tours was an exciting and once in a lifetime opportunity.


Walking along the Cobbles….in the rain!

Yesterday, I obtained exclusive coverage of the studios before they go open to the public on April 5 for a limited time only.

It was surreal to walk along the hallowed cobbles of the nation’s most famous street and see the Coronation Street icons.


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CBBC Character Invasion

Helping out at BBC Radio 4’s Character Invasion event was really enjoyable and a pleasure.

For one day only, Radio 4 celebrated everything character. On Saturday March 29, seven UK BBC sites which make radio drama, held events exploring how renowned fictional characters were written, created and brought to life.

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Twin mysteries unveiled

Many people are fascinated by twins. As soon as an acquaintance learns that I am a twin, their eyes light up and they suddenly ask me twin-related questions.

I really don’t know why. Yes, I’m honoured to be a twin, but it’s no different than having an ordinary sibling. So I’ve decided to explain what its like to be a twin, dedicated to those who find us interesting.

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