Sky News Snapchat and iPad stories

I was selected to have a work experience placement at Sky News for two weeks in November 2015.

I worked with the Sky News Digital team, writing and publishing stories in creative and innovative ways on the Sky News app on Snapchat and the iPad.

Snapchat stories

I wrote this story about a NASA rover which was sent to explore some dark sand dunes on Mars. I also worked with the graphic designer to think of the best way we could present the ‘top snap,’ the first thing users see when they click on the story. We decided an animated graphic of the rover looking at some sand dunes was the most effective. Users could then actively swipe down and read my article below.



I wrote this article about the arrival of around 100 Syrian refugees in Glasgow, ready to start a new life in the Isle of Bute. The story follows David Cameron’s promise to resettle up to 20,000 refugees from Syria by 2020. 

I worked with the Snapchat editor to design the ‘top snap,’ the video of the plane arriving on the island, which I edited using their software called ‘Clean Edit.’



Sky News use Snapchat’s content management system, which is designed with a mobile phone layout, when working on their Snapchat stories. I used this to write the headline, the standfirst and the main copy of my articles and to plan the presentation of my stories. The target audience for the Sky News app on Snapchat is teenagers who are continuously active on their phone, searching for short snippets of news.

image002 (2)


During my time I also worked with the Sky News iPad team.

This story about Facebook launching a new tool to make relationship break-ups easier featured on the iPad’s main timeline of news stories. I curated the multimedia content Sky News published previously on this story online, such as a video and an article, and placed them under one ‘event’ on the iPad to allow users to have more control on how they view their news.

Sky News have a system called ‘Scoop’ which they use to publish stories on the iPad.


This is what I used to create the story. I also wrote the headline, the name of the slug, the descriptions and sourced the images using this system.

The target audience for all content published on the iPad can be anyone who subscribes to a Sky TV package.

I decided to work on these three stories during my placement, after discovering that the online version of the stories had already received thousands of views on the Sky News website. My editor agreed the stories were worthy of more coverage across their digital and mobile platforms.


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