I have produced two pieces of photojournalism during my time at Salford University. I found the photojournalism module very interesting and it has certainly advanced my skills with using a professional camera to capture high quality and technically adept photographs.

Read my photojournalism stories below.

Record numbers of students seeking support at University for mental health illnesses

RISING numbers of students are seeking help through counselling for mental health problems.

Ruth Caleb, chair of Universities UK’s mental well-being working group, says counselling services are facing an annual rise in demand of around 10%.

A recent graduate from Manchester University who sought help via counselling for her depression, felt “ridiculously let down” after being told she would have to wait two months for an appointment.

Saaraa Yusef, 21, from Trafford, said: “I felt like I was treated as just a number.

“If you give someone who is severely depressed even a month to wait for help, so much could happen in that time. I have had issues with self-harm in the past, so I did consider taking those dark steps again.”

A spokesperson from Manchester University said: “Due to confidentiality we cannot comment on individual cases but we are always concerned if people feel dissatisfied or let down by what we offer and would encourage them to give feedback at the time so we can try to respond and address any concerns.”

The University has seen an increase of almost 57% in their counselling services over the last four years.

Miss Yusef used Friends in Need, an online forum where people affected by depression can share their experiences for alternative support.

“With depression everything is inside you. You can’t put it into words. If someone asked me to draw a picture, I’d paint a piece of paper grey.

“By talking to someone who has been through it, they know it’s not just a bad day,” she said.

The University of Salford recently held a Feel Good Festival aimed to raise awareness of the support available for students’ mental health and wellbeing.

Fay Walters, counselling manager at the University of Salford, said the rising use of counselling services is a positive thing.

She said people being more willing to look after their mental health, reduced stigma and the raised profile of services have all contributed to this increase.

You can see my pictures in the gallery below.


Homeless let back into Gary Neville’s building after activist leader kicked out

A HOMELESS man is “over the moon” to be given access to Gary Neville’s planned luxury hotel in Manchester alongside other rough sleepers after the activist leader of the building was kicked out.

Wesley Hall was reportedly asked to leave the Stock Exchange building on Norfolk Street after being accused of running it like a “dictatorship” by other activists.

Ryan McPhee, who is currently camping out on the streets of Manchester, said: “I’m really excited to be moving into the building.

“I now have some stability for a few months. I can have a bank account for the first time in a long time and have the chance to get back on my feet.”

He said that he tried to contact Wesley Hall a number of times but was refused entry into the property.

Wesley Hall could not be contacted for comment.

But Adam Whelan, an activist who is helping to run the Stock Exchange, said: “Originally Wes’s reasoning for kicking the homeless people out of the Stock Exchange was because of violence and drug issues which we didn’t want in the building.

“But he was running it like a dictatorship by not letting any homeless people back in the property and we’re still not sure why.”

Former Manchester United player Gary Neville, who owns the building, gave permission for the homeless to live there until February next year.

Rough sleepers pitched tents on Market Street, Oxford Road and Piccadilly in protest of being stopped from entering the homeless hub.

Leader of the protesters, Wesley Dove, said it was unfair the opportunity of being safe and warm throughout the winter had been taken away from them.

The 30-year-old added that some people were locked out without any clothes or blankets.

Earlier this month, hundreds of people in Manchester showed solidarity to the homeless by taking part in an annual sleep out.

The event organised by the Booth Centre, a homeless charity in Manchester, raised a total of £50,000.


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