When Black Friday Became Just A Friday…

Shops across Greater Manchester braced themselves for chaos on Black Friday after people fought over fridges and tussled over TVs last year.

Although there were fewer black eyes due to Black Friday in our region this year, as bargain hunters seemed to have taken it easy.

It seems retailers headed a warning from Greater Manchester Police to step up their security and take extra precautions.

Tesco decided to avoid the midnight madness by opening at 5am.

And ASDA, the US owned store, decided not to take part in the event – other than online.

Although it was a busy day in terms of online sales.

Initial estimates show that online spending on Black Friday grew by more than a third.

According to Experian and IMRG, Black Friday sales grew by 36% compared with last year’s 1.1 bn, making it the biggest day ever for online shopping.

What do I think of Black Friday?

Personally, I think it’s just an excuse to buy things you don’t necessarily need, however I am always tempted to see if that perfect Christmas gift will become that much easier to purchase.

But hey, it makes an ordinary day a little bit more exciting and something for us journo’s to talk about.


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