Sky News Work Experience

I was selected to have a work experience placement at Sky News in London for two weeks in November 2015.

I had a fantastic time and it was really useful to see how news was treated professionally for multimedia platforms such as TV, online and mobile.

Online Bulletins

I presented a demo news bulletin of the Sky News headlines which they publish on their website daily. I scripted my own bulletin, learnt how to control a pedal autocue and experienced the style of how Sky News presenters read out stories on air.  It was great to work with the production team in the gallery and gain an insight of what it’s like to present professional TV news. This was not broadcast, but was an amazing opportunity to put on my portfolio.

Watch my news bulletin below.

I also scripted and voiced a demo Twitter news bulletin.


I spent most of the two weeks, working in the Sky News Snapchat department. I researched and pitched news stories, wrote them and helped the graphic designer plan the ‘top snap’, which was either an animated graphic or a video. The top snap is the first thing users see when they click on the story.

Less than one million hedgehogs left

I wrote this story on how there is now fewer than one million hedgehogs left in the UK today. This top line developed from an MP, who launched a campaign that week to make hedgehogs Britain’s national animal.

Read my story below.

What is Diwali?

I wrote the text featured in this Snapchat video about Diwali, a Hindu celebration which took place around the world during my placement. I also helped the graphic designer decide on what videos to use and which order to present them.

Nasa rover explores mysterious sand dunes in mars

I wrote this Snapchat story about a NASA rover which was sent to explore some dark sand dunes on Mars.



Syrian refugees arrive in isle of bute

I wrote this story about the arrival of around 100 Syrian refugees in Glasgow, ready to start a new life in the Isle of Bute. The story comes after David Cameron promised to resettle up to 20,000 refugees from Syria by 2020. 



Bitesize Bits

Throughout my placement, I wrote many stories for the ‘Bitesize Bits’ section on the Sky News Snapchat. These are a selection of mini stories which are topical in the news, told simply for teenage users to understand.



I also worked with the Sky News Digital team, publishing stories on the iPad. This involved curating multimedia such as articles, videos and image galleries and putting them together under one ‘event’ on the iPad. For example, for the story about Facebook introducing a new tool designed to ease break-ups, I curated a video and article published online by Sky News and put them under one event on the iPad’s main timeline of news stories.

It was essentially grouping together and publishing content, so users could have a greater understanding of the news story.

You can see some of the stories I curated on the Sky News iPad below.

I also produced a few image galleries during my time at Sky News.

A gallery of former celebrities who have been diagnosed with HIV, following Charlie Sheen’s public announcement, and a gallery of Disney Pixar movies through the years, after the Finding Dory trailer was released.

IMG_0104 IMG_0081

I also sourced the questions and images for the Sky News ‘Quiz of the Week’ which they publish on the iPad.

You can view the quiz below.


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