Manchester plane spotters

A screenshot of my story for Key103 on the arrest of three plane spotters from Manchester in February 2015, before they were released on April 22, 2015. This was published on the local news section of the Key103 website.


You can read the full article below.

Three plane-spotters from Manchester remain in prison following their arrest for what they say is their hobby.

Conrad Clitheroe from Stockport, Gary Cooper from Reddish in Stockport and Neil Munro who is originally from Manchester were reportedly taking notes near Fujairah Airport, around 80 miles from Dubai.

The trio are being held at Fujairah prison and were arrested on 22 February.

A policeman said the men were taking photographs near an airport and using a telescope.

The men’s families are now becoming increasingly concerned about their well-being.

Mr Clitheroe and Mr Cooper were due to return home on the day of their arrest after visiting their friend Mr Munro.

Plane enthusiasts travel worldwide to watch, photograph and record the registration details of aircrafts taking off.

Some countries do not consider the pursuit as a harmless hobby and some plane-lovers have been imprisoned and faced prolonged court cases abroad.

Plane-spotting website Planepics warns that Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is particularly hostile.

It states: “This hobby will run you into some kind of trouble sooner or later – while ‘trouble’ may range from the seizure of photography equipment, all the way to being questioned at a police station or even imprisonment.”


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