Little fish in a big pond

Since moving from Cambridge to Salford in September, my life has changed.

I’m surrounded by completely different surroundings, people and places.

KingsCollegeChapelWest   Manchester_Victoria_station       Cambridge – Image by Wikipedia     Manchester Image by Wikipedia

For those less familiar with Manchester, it is ranked as a beta world city and is the second most populated urban area in the UK. Many people have quoted Manchester as the second city to London since 2000, because of its growing culture, media, music, sport and transport connections since the 1996 Manchester bombing.

But what’s is it like to live in Salford/Manchester?

Compared to Cambridge, Manchester is a completely different world. People say different things and do different things! Up north, no one has heard of punting, but down south, calling lunch ‘dinner’ and a cup of tea a ‘brew’ is not the norm.

Grass and fields have been replaced by city lights and pavements, Eastenders has been replaced by Coronation Street, and now my local football club has changed from Cambridge United to premier league Manchester United!

In such a big city, I feel out of my comfort zone but in a way, this makes me excited.

In Manchester, there’s so much vibrancy and there’s never a quiet day, which complements my busy lifestyle. There’s a lot of fun things to do, places to explore and interesting foods to eat.

But the main reason why I decided to live in Salford/Manchester, was because of the media connections. I couldn’t say no to having the BBC and ITV at my doorstep, and to study in MediaCityUK – the media home hub and one of the most innovative developments in Britain.

But being born a Cambridge girl, the beauty and civilisation of the area will always draw me back home. The University home town boasts excellent education and economic strengths, and of course I miss the securities of my own town and the spacious areas in Cambridge.

But, I have to keep going and living in this mysterious new city on my own.

I just hope that one day, this brave but exciting move gets me where I want to be.





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