Twin mysteries unveiled

Many people are fascinated by twins. As soon as an acquaintance learns that I am a twin, their eyes light up and they suddenly ask me twin-related questions.

I really don’t know why. Yes, I’m honoured to be a twin, but it’s no different than having an ordinary sibling. So I’ve decided to explain what its like to be a twin, dedicated to those who find us interesting.

Can we read each others minds?     

Are you thinking, what I'm thinking?

“Are you thinking, what I’m thinking?”

I’d love to say that Jess and I can read others minds, but the fact is, we can’t. We don’t have twin-telepathy nor can we feel each other’s pain.

 Dr Peter Eachus, director of psychology at The University of Salford, said: “There is no evidence for any of this, though biologically, you would expect similar structures in the brain in the same way other physical features are similar.”

Yet, we can often guess what the other is thinking in situations and we do perform similar actions when we are apart. For example, unintentionally wearing the same outfit.

Of course, there have been occasions when twins have said twin-telepathy has occurred between them.

Do we have our own language?

Our mother said we had our own language when we were very young.  It wasn’t until we both went to preschool, when we broke out of our twin talk. It’s funny because we used to talk to our parents and adults using normal words like ‘mum’ and ‘hello’, but spoke nonsense to each other.

Do we play pranks?

The answer to this is different for all sets of twins. Jess and I never really have. When we were younger we swapped beds a couple of times to fool our parents, but that was it. We always assumed people would be able to tell the difference, especially if people knew us well.



Does it ‘skip a generation’ to give birth to twins?

I believe this to be a myth. Although it may be perceived true in my circumstance as my Grandad was a twin. This belief assumes that twins run in families. If there was a twin gene, those who are twins will also produce twins and twins would occur consistently in families which does not always happen.

Did we used to dress the same when we were little?

Yes, our Mum used to dress us up in identical outfits. Obviously when we were younger we didn’t care. However now we are older, if the other twin buys the same item of clothing as the other, a war zone breaks out. It’s really frustrating as we have the same taste in fashion. We don’t like looking completely the same.

Baby photos 006    Baby photos 005 hh



7 thoughts on “Twin mysteries unveiled

  1. Hannah Levitt says:

    Loved reading this. Grew up with the pair of you and had the expeince of having you as my step sisters for nearly 9years. Having grown up with you I can relate to so much of what you have said Carlie cause I have witnessed it! Truly is a magical relationship that you share and I loved trying to be the 3rd twin 😉 so interesting to read! 🙂


  2. jaynadpatel94 says:

    Loved this post Carlie! So interesting! My mums a twin and they’re identical and used to get dressed in the same clothes but hated it as they got older. They got more different as they got older and my grandmas a twin and she has brought the same outfits as her twin when her twin was in Morecambe and she was in Lancaster! Keep up the great writing xx


  3. Misha King says:

    Great piece Carlie 🙂 very well written. You’ve done a good job in explaining to everyone what it’s like to be a twin 🙂 brilliant read!!!


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